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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

How to Set JAVA_HOME in Linux

Set JAVA_HOME for One User

1. Make sure you are in bash mode by typing bash

2. Edit your .bashrc file vi ~/.bashrc

3. Add the following lines

export JAVA_HOME export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

Make sure put $JAVA_HOME/bin in front of $PATH, so that the system will look for javac and java first in the $JAVA_HOME/bin, and then $PATH.

4. Refresh the user profile using the following command.

source ~/.bashrc

Note: You have to make sure you are in the bash mode by typing: bash, otherwise the user profile won't be refreshed by the above source command.

5. Check your variables:

echo $PATH
which java
which javac

Set JAVA_HOME for All Users

1. Login as root.

2. Change it to bash shell by typing bash bash

3. Edit /etc/bashrc file vi /etc/bashrc

4. 5. 6 are the same as Set JAVA_Home for One User.

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