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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Groovy/Grails Exchange London 2009

Just attended the Groovy/Grails Exchange London 2009 conference. Podcast and slides can be found there as well.

SkillsMatter uploaded more photos. I am in the picture (sitting very front) ;)

It is a festival for those enthusiastic groovy/grails lovers to learn new things and exchange knowledge and practice.

Got quite quite a few point to take away into practice.

Guillaume LaForge introduced new features of Groovy 1.7. Try it out.

iWebKit, the mobile plugin for grails, is a must playing one when off work.

Burt Beckwith, the Spring Security (aka acegi) plugin developer, took the grails application into an enterprise level - Clustering a Grails Application for Scalability and Availability and t

Venkat Subramaniam is the live coding ninja. His presentation and demo style is just fantastic. The pace of his talk is like prison break season 1 -- I want to know what is coming next. Following his way, you increase your job security.

Christian Dupuis from SpringSource demonstrated the Groovy/Grails plugin for Eclipse. I can see lots of improvement which had been made, but there are still lots of features lacking. I am a Eclipse lover. Come one, Let's wave the Eclipse flag.

Graeme Rocher talked about cloud, plugin systems and Grails 1.2 new features. Just try it.

Tomas Lin demonstrated how to use flex as a front end to talk to grails. Brilliant.

Well, so many things to take on to digest. Looking forward to the QCon London 2010.

Groovy/Grails have a bright future for Java developers.

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